Strategic Management


Our consultants have access to industry leading tools. We are partnered with, The World's leading Business Management System - Empowering Organizations to Execute Their Strategy and Grow.

Our consultants utilize this tool to develop and execute on all business strategies.

RESULTS, its in the name!

We provide a proven system that allows companies to improve their results. In fact, RESULTS has helped over ten thousand businesses to do exactly that.

Our core purpose is to help companies execute their strategy and win. We do this by offering an online business management platform that provides strategic planning, custom project and metric dashboards, integrated meetings and communication to a global client base.

The Strategic Plan

Our one-page strategic plan is based on 20 years of business coaching and consulting. It has always been included as the foundation of the RESULTS system, and now our One Page Strategy Plan is available as a stand alone offering.

It is ideal for any company, from an established business to a start-up, that wants to get its executive team aligned around strategy and lay a sound foundation for the future. It is the solution for putting your decisions into action.

Core Values, BHAG, SWOT, and over 10 other common strategic planning components are included, plus the ability to create custom components.

Metric, Projects, Tasks and online communication

Hundreds of integration options with top online software providers.

Only RESULTS One Page Strategic Plan pulls it all together. We've helped thousands of businesses execute on their strategy and win. Contact us today to find out more.




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Need help Executing?


Our Consultants can provide strategic management implementation and execution services. 

We have observed many companies with either no plans or great plans lacking execution. We are here to guide you and your management team through the process.  

Whether you want an existing strategic plan refined or a whole new plan established. Our involvement will provide you and your team a clearly defined strategic plan.

A Strategic Plan will generally include:

  • High level overview of your business today and the future you would like to create
  • We define your mission, vision and value statements
  • A strategic analysis often referred to as a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • Clearly defined action plan
  • Budget and operating plans
  • Detailed monitoring and evaluation methods

During our sessions, we will target:

  • Corporate Governance & Structuring
  • Financial Management
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Employee Culture & Efficiency
  • Vendor Management
  • Systems & Process Development
  • Resource management
  • Return on Investment & Asset value maximization

Since your Strategic plan is only as good as its execution, we will establish clear action items, milestones and accountability. 

We structure our involvement to fit your needs. Whether you are a small business or large corporation. Our service will be tailor fit to your needs.






We have a variety of Strategic planning packages available, please feel free to download the brochures below.

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