Referral Program

Step 1

Like what you see? Feel free to refer us to your boss, collegue, friends, family or your neighbour.

 Earn a referral fee of $25 and up
(per referral, no maximums) 

Step 2

Send us your name, contact info and the business name or person you referred us to.

You will confirm receive a confirmation once the referral is noted.

Step 3

Upon collecting payment for our first invoice from our "new" client, we will pay you 50% of the first hourly fee.

We will provide a gift card (or prepaid credit card) of choice in the denomination you earned. 

Launch offer – We will DOUBLE the fee for the first 10 referrals! 

You may want to read this!

How much will I receive?

Leverage.WORKS fees average $50/hr
Leverage.CFO Source fees average $80/hr

You will receive 50% of either of those, depending on what your referral commits to.

Are my referrals limited?

No, and better yet, if you make 5 referrals* we will send you $200 on top of the already earned gift cards.

(*must be made within a 12 month period)

What if im not a client?

Anyone can qualify for the referral program. 

There is no need to be an existing client.

We want to promote your business!

Want to promote your business with us and become one of the "choice" gift cards, just let us know.

Contact us at