The volatility in the Alberta market brings unique challenges.  Whether your business is contracting, expanding or transitioning.

We believe our CFO SOURCE focusing on FRACTIONAL CFO & CONTROLLER SERVICE is a dynamic fit for your business.

- Corporate structuring & governance
- Cash flow management
- Working capital strategies   
- Performance oriented administrative teams
- Accountability driven management teams
- Systems & process development

Please see a full list of our business management consultant services below.

We are able to scale our service to match your needs and commit to being your long term & trusted advisor. 

In combination with our scaled accounting & administrative service we are your complete "bolt-on" accounting & administrative team.

We are able to come in on a PART TIME, ON CALL & NON COMMITTED BASIS to allow for COST MANAGEMENT while maintaining MAXIMUM VALUE, as if you had a full time CFO on staff. 

Our Mission

To develop business strategies for growth & sustainability, Through leveraging resources and easing commitments. 

Peter Teunissen, CPA(ca)  
Founder & CEO


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Our Services

Strategic Management

  • Organizational structuring
  • Corporate Governance & Risk policies
  • Operational best practices
  • Change Management
  • Financial health assessments
  • Key Performance Indicators Reporting
  • Incorporations & Dissolutions

Cash flow Management

  •  Cash flows modelling
  • Forecasting
  • Budget implementations
  • Cash flow cycle management
  • Receivable Credit structuring
  • Collections management


  • Financing & Structuring
  • Business plan development
  • Sourcing of institutional financing 
  • Covenant monitoring
  • Credit compliance & Margin Reporting

Process Development

  •  Standard operating procedures
  • internal controls
  • Expense Processing & Automation
  • Paperless implementations 
  • Fleet procurement 
  • Fuel program implementation 
  • Maintenance cost management 
  • Insurance Reviews 
  • Expense cycle automation

Human Resources

  • HR Policy Development
  • Hiring & Termination processes
  • Performance management
  • Compensation review
  • Exposure mitigation
  • Payroll
  • Health policy development
  • Safety policy development


  • Management information reporting
  • Year end preparation & guidance
  • Budget to actual monitoring
  • Audit Coordination
  • Evernote implementations

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Cost sensitivity

We provide you (and your team) with an all access pass to a senior level skill-set. 

You only pay what you use us for.

Looking to place a new role?
Hire  at a  lower pay scale and we can assist with covering the shortfalls. We are often able to systematize duties and with the help of our review process handle more work at a lower cost.

Don't rush a new-hire

Did your employee just inform you they are leaving on short notice? 

Hiring the wrong employee can be costly but we see it happen all the time due to the forced nature of the situation.

We can cover you transition period and train the new individual once hired.

Project support

Get that project completed without taxing your team or staff.

Don't have the capacity internally to get the necessary (or "nice to have's) completed? 

We can engage on a project basis.

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Why we are NOT an OUTSOURCING agency

  • We become part of your management team
  • We attend your management meetings
  • You will have a DESIGNATED TEAM, locally here in Calgary doing the work. 
  • You can consider us your "IN-HOUSE ACCOUNTING TEAM",
  • AND without the risk or cost of hiring a new team member.

Professionally Certified

CPA's - Our team consists of CPA's who will form part of your management team and act as the CFO's or Controller working in the capacity of your company. 

OPERATIONAL EXPERIENCE - Our team has actual experience in managing private business with a focus on being involved in operations.

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